Shop Questions

All of Fremont County is MEDICAL only. You must have a Colorado issued MMJ card to shop at our dispensary. 

We have an ATM, take cash, and we also have a cashless ATM system. Your card must have a pin number to use both the ATM and the cashless ATM system. 

Through our Order Online tab through our website. Our Ordering section is powered by Dutchie, which is directly connected to our internal system giving you the most up to date product availability.

Cultivation Questions-Coming after Harvest Fest 2021 (Aug 28th)

No. It’s a common misconception, but cannabis does NOT in fact grow like magic beans. You’ll have to find the Golden Goose by other means. 

After our 2021 Harvest Festival on August 28th, check back for all the topics covered by our Master Growers!

Harvest Fest 2021 Question Submissions

This year, our Master Growers will be down for the day answering questions and giving information on a wide variety of cannabis related topics. If there is something specific you would like answered, submit your question and it will be covered by one of our growers. Even if you aren’t able to make it to our Harvest Festival classes, we will still try and answer all submissions and the information will eventually makes its way to our website in our coming soon Education page.