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CO2 Extracts
Hydrocarbon Extracts
Non-Solvent Extracts

Arguably the least-toxic form of cannabis concentrate extraction, CO 2 (carbon dioxide) has become more popular as an extraction method because of its low environmental impact and nonexistent toxicity; however, CO 2 extraction systems are considerably more expensive than butane or hexane systems.

The most commonly used solvent in cannabis extraction is butane; however, a mixture of butane and propane has recently become very common as well. These solvents are nontoxic, non-polar and they dissolve oils very efficiently without creating other unwanted byproducts. Butane and propane dissolve all cannabinoids and terpenes (aromatics) with great effectiveness while preserving the integrity of the delicate cannabinoids.

Very much like the dry sieve process, water can be used in conjunction with screens as a vessel to carry mechanically separated trichomes through multiple micron level screens. A micron is a microscopic unit of measurement used to calculate the size of the trichrome and thus the holes in the screens themselves

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